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Scandinavia's toughest endurance race

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Accomplish a footrace, receive ITRA/UTMB points and qualify for other international endurance trail races.
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Explore the 2020 serie

Kerteminde Ultra
9-13th April 2020
Kerteminde, Fyn
Non-Stop Foot race

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Fyn Ultra
3-7th June 2020
Kerteminde, Fyn
NON-stop race

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Solstice 63
20-21th June 2020
Kerteminde, Fyn
Foot race

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Endurance Run
28-4th July 2020
Kerteminde, Fyn
7-stage Foot race

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Endurance Walk
5-18th July 2020
Nyborg, Fyn
13-stage Trekking

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Svendborg Extreme
31st -2nd August 2020
Svendborg, Fyn
3-stage Multi race

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Sydfyn Challenge
22-23th August 2020
Faaborg, Fyn
O-duatlon race

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West Coast 540
18-20th September 2020
Rudbøl, Syddanmark
Non-stop Gravel race

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North West 400
21-27th September 2020
Skagen, Nordjylland
6-stage Foot race

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